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Welcome to our Pricing Page, where transparency is our guiding principle. At Bart Aldrich Notary Corporation, we believe in providing clear and straightforward information about our services. Our commitment to transparency means that we have laid out our pricing structure, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what you'll receive. Unlike others, we don't tack on additional fees for extra attorneys or executors, and there are no hidden charges. Our pricing is an all-inclusive package designed to cover every aspect of our services, allowing you to make informed decisions without any surprises. With Bart Aldrich Notary Corporation, you can trust that our pricing reflects our dedication to fairness, honesty, and providing you with a hassle-free experience.



Starting from: $425 for a Single Will                         $750 for Couples Will

Powers of Attorney 

Starting from: $275 for a Single Power of Attorney                                $450 for Couples Power of Attorney 

Representation Agreements

Starting from: $275 for a Single Representation Agreement

                        $450 for Couples Representation Agreement

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